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I raped my father's sister sex story

I raped my father's sister sex story

I raped my father's sister

By: sunny singh

Hi friends its me sunny singh back again with my real incident of second part of raping my father's sister. But first i would like to thank all who rated my previous story and the one who masturbated.

So friends i now begin with my story as you have read in previous part as how i raped her, made a blue film & blackmailed her & now i will tell you what happened after that.

A few months later i again came to know that her hubby is again going to allahabad for his case so i went to pinki in the school where she is teacher, called her out of the class & told her that as your husband will be out so i am going to screw you so be ready or otherwise your video will be out. She had no other choice but to accept it so i said to her i will take it but when the school gets over you will come out with your sari lifted up to your knees and it should be shifted just a little up before your pubic hair so that i along with everybody can see your belly & navel(i said that coz i was a student in the same school & my father is a teacher in the same school and his sister is also in primary section) so just a few minutes before the school was over i went to her with a peice of paper on which i wrote the instructions what she has to do & what she doesn't so i went to her & called her in towards the toilet so when she came she was in same position as i said to her with her sari just above her pubic hair so i put my hand in her sari as i did it she said what are you doing some one will see us but i slid my hand in her panty & put the paper in her hot chut & said if you will not follow these instructions then for your every mistake you will be punished by me as whatever i like to do with you and she went back.in the evening when i went to my english tution i went to her & as there was no one with her i asked her that has she read it and she said yes. I said then be ready as your hubby leaves the day after tomorrow then i am going to screw you.

That paper had these instructions ;1) if she does not follow any of these instructions then she will be punished for her every mistake as i will beat her or any other thing.2) it had purchase a cloroform and a packet of manforce candoms. 3) it had to purchase sleeping medicine. Etc,besides it had many other instructions also but i am not mentioning all.(if you want to know them all please do mail me)

Then from after my tutuions i went to a priest of a temple(mandir) and talked to him about the marriage he said that your marriage will be done but since you want that no one should see you we will do it in the midnight but i will charge you more coz i am doing it on my risk i said ok and left.

Then on the third day as her hubby left & as the school got over i went to her & said that i raped you earlier but now i will have a hubby night(suhag raat) with you i will marry you. Since she was all alone in her family coz her children also went with their father so i said that give me the colroform & i will give it to my parents & come to you for my marriage so at night at 11 i sprayed it on my parents & went to her she was ready in her sari & so i called the priest. He said that everything is ready you can come coz the temple is not very far so we reached there at an earliest but the priest(pt) said that she has not dressed like a bride so said that coz we are doing love marriage so we had to flee silently & if she dressed like a bride someone will see her so he said to me to come to the temple so that she can change & dress herself like a bride but i said that i will not leave her coz i am her hubby & forced the pt to leave all alone so he went all alone then she dressed heself like a bride & both of us were now ready for marriage & the pt had our marriage & we both were now husband and wife.then i took her back to the home and told that as you see in the movies do as the same & i am accepting a well decorated bedroom for our 1st night so i went to the room & it was really well decorated with the roses on the bed & after a few moments she came in with a glass of milk i drank it and she bent down to take my blessing but i took hold of her & then our story for one night stand began.

I made her sit next to me & i lifted her face upwards & made her look in my eyes then as we both were looking to each other i planted a kiss on her lips & then i lifted her pallu & slowly removed her sari she tried to resist in hesitation & as she resisted i slapped her hard on her face & said that it is a rule that you can't resist me but since you did this mistake you will be punished as i mentioned in the paper that i put into your chut 2 days ago. So i took a bedsheet made it like a rope & tied her hands & feet with the bed & then i made my self nude infront of her, closed her nose with a clip & started kissing her hard till she resisted coz she was out of breath then i removed the clip & then started pushing my penis forcefully into her mouth she was resisting again but i kept on pushing & after a lot of strokes i cummed in her mouth & soon after my cumming i closed her lips tightly with my fingers so that unwillingly she has to drink all my cum(semen).

Then coz she resisted 2nd time when i was mouth fucking her she has to undergo 2nd puishment this time i sat on her nose with my gand open & i started to masturbate while rubbing my lund on her lips between this time i even passed out dirty smell on her nose which she has to smell & then when i was about to cum i pointed my penis on her face & cummed on her face. Then i relaxed for a while & untied her to go & wash her face & when she came in again with the same love i made her lie down on the bed then i opened the hooks of her blouse i saw her bra. I got aside & made her to stand on the floor & put her hands on the wall by facing it.i stood behind her moved her hairs forwards to her face& started kissind her neck from behind then slowly i moved my hands on her arms & reached her hands i took them back & then i took out her blouse now she was only in her bra & petticoat. Then i started kissing her back & while kissing her i moved my hands on her belly wow what a feeling i was getting at that time though i cummed twice already but this thing was making me rock hard again then i unhooked her bra and removed it and started doing her body massage from her back while standing behind her &i started pushing my rock hard dick into her ass but i never touched her boobs during her body massage & slowly i slid my hands in her petticoat to her hot and wet chut she was hairless from there as i told her in the paper.

Then slowly i opened the knot of her petticoat & removed the lace but i caught hold of it with my right hand as i removed the lace then as soon as the lace was out i threw it back & removed my hand from her petticoat & it suddenly fell on the ground now she was only left in her panty. Then i took the glass in which she brought the milk & threw it on the floor & it broke but the sound never went out of the room coz the room was sound proof as i told you all in the previous story.

Then i took a piece of a glass & cut her panty then i removed it & now my lovely beauty was completely naked (nangi) in front of me.then i started moving my hand on her complete naked body & started kissing her form her ankels to top all her back & when i reached her face i made her face turned to the left side & i kissed her on her lips started smooching her.side by side i was looking for her pussy with my hand & as i found it i kept my hot lund on her hot chut which was already wet & pushed it hardly inside her chut she shouted in pain & het chut started bleeding again coz her hubby never fucked her after the year 1992 when she concived her son & only when i raped her but that too was only for a short time. So as her chut was bleeding i was fuckin her more hard & simultaneously smooching her & on the other side i was moving my hands on her belly & soon i touched her lovely milky round boobs wow what a feeling i got as i touched her boobs even i felt it on my lund so i increased my speed more & more. Then when i was about to cum for the third time i took out my lund from her chut & controlled myself then i made her lie on the bed & i started fucking her again but before that i ordered her that as i fuck you, you should keep on shouting "yes yes" & when i will be cuming inside your pussy i will tell you & so during that time you have to shout "oh yeah s" then like the indian style of romance i went on top of her & started inserting my cock in her chut & as i did she said "oh yes" then as was about to cum i told her then i increased my speed of fucking her and she screamed"yes yes" then when i came she again as per my orders shouted "oh "yeahs" & i cummed into her pussy with 6to7 cum shots my penis contracted into her pussy & with my penis in her pussy i lied on her & after a rest of 5 minutes when my penis fully contracted in her chut i took it out & asked her to keep her hand on it & start rubbing it as she was doing it started to grow again but now it was paining also coz i already cummed a lot but still i wanted to fuck her so as my lund grew harder i took pinki's legs on my shoulders as i saw in some blue films & then started fucking her but this time i was feeling my own semen in her pussy and as i was increasing my speed my pain in the penis was also subsiding & now i started to enjoy but she started crying to stop me & again before cumming in her chut i took some butter on my hand & asked pinki to turn on her knees & elbows like a dog & as she sat i wore a condom, applied butter on her ass & fucked it she was shouting & crying a lot in pain but i showed her no mercy & kept on increasing my speed.unknowingly i increased my speed to such an extent that she fell flat on her bed but i was still stroking her mercylessly & as i was about to cum again i took out my lund from her ass, removed the condom.soon as pinki realised that now i have relaxed the pressure she tried to get up but i had not cummed for the fourth time yet so as she tried to get up i clearely saw her ass & as i saw it very qucikly i inserted my dick into het hot ass & as it went with a jerk she again fell on the bed & even her ass bursted & started bleeding but i continued to fuck her ass & soon in four strokes i cummed in her ass.

Then i fell on her back coz after such a long time & wasted energy i needed some rest but still i pulled her hair after resting for a minute or so towards me and made her sleep on the marble floor nude with my feet on her face. What happened the other day i will tell you in the third part of this story.

So friends if you have liked this incident of mine please don't forget to rate it and comment it but i humbly urge you all to please do mail me so that i can be encouraged to write its other part as what happened next. But if you like it please do mail be specially thirsty girls, aunties, bhabies are all welcomed my mail is binny123456@gmail.com. If you don't have a mail you can use some other mail of your friends etc and can give your phone no. So that i can contact you.

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