Friday, February 5, 2010

Punjabi brother and sister story

Punjabi brother and sister

By: samson

Hello guys and girls. Sam here, this is 2nd part. When we were 14 years old. One day I and I went to Judy and Jim’s home to do some study. After we study for some time, we took break and had some tea and watched TV.I was sitting next to Judy and Rani was next to Jim on the other sofa. Judy was kissing me deep kiss, had her tongue in my mouth. My cock was getting hard. She said to me in my ear, let’s go in bed room. We got up and went inher room. Left Rani and Jim in the living room. In the room we started to kiss and fondle each other while standing. I took Judy’s blouse off and started to suck her tits, she was holding my cock in her hand. She took my shirt off and my pants too. She went on her knees and had my cock in her mouth in no time. After few min I got her up and pushed her on the bed and spread her legs and started to lick her pussy, there was no tomorrow.

She was moaning load that made me real hard. She pulled my head up and pulled me on top of her, we were kissing, my cock was rubbing on her pussy, she was moving under me faster and faster. She said now put your cock in my cant, I am on fire she said. I said I should get condom, she no need because she was on pill. She said she want it in her cant now. I got on my knees spread her legs and put the cock head at the gate of heaven. She was looking at me with fire in her eyes. I waited for a sec to tease her. She held my arms and pulled me over so that my cock went in her hot cant. She opened her mouth wide and moans loader. She started to move her bum and started to grind it with my Lund in her chut. I fucked her like that for few mins. It was my first fuck. I felt good. Then she pushed me off her and made me lie on bed and she got on top of me. She got my cock in her cunt and started to ride it like she was ridding the horse. She did that for 5 mins. She cum and she rolled over next to me. We lay there for few min. I was till hard, she started to suck it to make me cum. I was not cuming yet. She asked me if I want to fuck her doggy style, I said yeeeeeeeees. She got on her knees and hands. I my cock in her cunt from behind. It felt so good she was also rubbing my balls as I was fucking her. That made me cum. That was the first time I cum in cunt, mmmmmmm.

After that we just lay on bed and hugged and kissed each other. I heard moaning from the other room. It was Rani moaning loader and loader. Looks like Rani was getting good fuck too. Her moaning started to make me hard again. Judy was holding my cock in the mean time. She felt that I was getting hard. She asked me if I am getting hard listening to Rani’s moans. I just looked at Judy did not say any thing; She knew that I liked Rani’s moaning. After that we got dressed and went into the TV room. Rani and Jim were not there. I looked at Judy, She pointed to Jims room. In couple of minutes Jim and Rani came out. I looked at Rani she looked happy. I was happy too and also happy that she is happy too. We both knew we got fucked. We did little more study and started to go home. On the way we talked about it. She told me that she had good time with Jim. He is good fucker she said. I said I heard you moaning, she said she heard Judy moans too. We did that many times again. Rani also got me other girls for fuck too. I knew that she was licking theirs cants, Rani really like licking cunts and off course cocks.

I thought about fucking Rani but relationship stopped me. Rani tries to talk about it. She said few times that few girls are doing incest. I said it is not right to do that. She also told me that few of her boys are also bi. I said 2 girls are ok but 2 boys doing gay sex is not good, I don’t like it. I think she was trying to get me try some thing like that. But I was just stubborn and stupid. When I was 22 I got married to Punjabi girl in Canada. I moved to Canada. Rani came to visit me after 6 months. Then she met boy in Canada that she liked. They got along good and wanted to get married. So they got married in 2 months and she moved to Canada. Mom/Dad was still living in UK. I had 2 kids from my wife and she also had 2 daughters. We all were happy. In next I will write how it happened between us

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